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Have a bad hookup?
Good Hookup?
Crusing the park or stuck at work on Friday?
Night owl?
Then this community is for you! For all of the night owls, good times, bad times, of nights in the Emerald City. Weather your gay, lesbian, bi or Tranny doesn't matter. Weather your a young twink or an old Queen. This is a place to vent to discuss, and to read thoughts going through yours or others durning the long nights. I will be posting questions here and there. Weather your Mr. or Mrs. Popular or like myself unscene. This is a community for everyone. Weather your out on the town or at home watching Buffy reruns. As long as its at the Emerald City, go ahead an post!

There are rules:
1) Long posts or pics behind cut.
2) Do not bring drama into this community, its okay to vent about it but lets not mention names K?
3) On number 2 lets repsect people here. We all live on one world.
4) Have fun, don't be afraid to post poetry and events.
5) Promotions behind cuts please.