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I know this is last minute... but I've been incredibly busy...


this event is pure and simple.... dress in drag, hit the town with other gurls... and HAVE FUCKIN FUN!

btw, this is TOTALLY crossposted like a slutty slutty slut slut.

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Dragsplosion is a fun and fabulous event created and hosted by local drag delight, Miss Magenta Mangina... The event is simple... She chooses a theme, and a starting point and all ya do is show up in or out of drag, and go from venue to venue being seen, seeing, and having a blast! It's all fun and games here, people, so come along! We'd love to see ya!

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Hi all,

First off, I'm new to this community, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old gay guy living in Seattle, just recently graduated from college, and looking for more LJ friends. My bio is in my user info page, so add me to your friends list if you're interested, and I'll be sure to add you back!

Secondly, I'm curious as to where people in Seattle meet other queer people. I've lived in Seattle all my life, and the only places I know of seem to be verging on being portals to hell. For example:

1. Lambert House: Nice youth center for gay youth, but the majority tend to be crack addicts with criminal records. One time I almost went on a date with a boy I met from there, then found out he was arrested for murder.

2. Manray: It's like...big clumps of gay guys stuck to each other. Is that not the biggest fire hazard in all of Seattle?

3. Gay City Coffee Talks and events: They seem to mean well and is a good idea, but it seems like it's just a big group of middle class white gays guys. Despite their efforts, it seems more like a big popular elitist group than anything else.

I've also been to R Place and Neighbors, but sometimes it's pretty hard to meet people at bars.

What do you all think? Any ideas?


Know its going to take some time to get this group off the ground, I see it kinda struggling on the runway right now. . . So I will ask another question. Have you ever doubted yourself, only be totally amazed that you ever doubted yourself?
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